What is Bullet Fabric? Overview, Uses and Care

Bullet fabric is knit with a unique blend of polyester and spandex. It has a “bullet” texture on one side and a smooth texture on the reverse side. Bullet fabric is structurally sound, making it an ideal candidate for projects that require strong fabrics

All About Bullet Fabric 

Bullet Fabric

Bullet fabric is less popular than other fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, etc. Most people may have never heard the name of this cloth before. However, despite the unpopularity of its name, people use it more often than they know. 

Bullet fabric is interesting because of its texture. It is smooth on one side and almost ribbed on the other. This gives you a comfortable texture inside and the right amount of stretch and breathability for comfort.  

Uses Of Bullet Fabric 

Here are some of the different ways you can make use of bullet fabric: 

1. Cocktail Dresses 

Unlike other fabrics, bullet fabrics are not flowy and do not move around much. However, this will give your cocktail dress a good fit and rigidity with the right structure. 

While bullet fabric is structured, it is soft enough to highlight the body’s curves making it a good choice for cocktail fabrics. If you think normal cocktail dresses feel bland, bullet fabric dresses have a texture that makes them stand out from the rest.

2. Bows and Ties 

Bullet Fabric Toddler Headwrap

Bows and ties are the most common things bullet fabric is used for. Little girls spend most of their time wearing fancy and brightly colored headbands. You can make some spectacular ones by combining a palette of bullet material color schemes.

3. Skirts and Tops 

You can make fabulous-looking skirts and peplum tops with bullet fabrics. A-line and pencil skirts are especially great choices to make with bullet fabric. Bullet fabric peplum tops look exquisite because the fabric’s strength will cause the peplum’s wings to fall nicely.

4. Sportswear

Manufacturers make sportswear with bullet fabric because of its lightweight structure and stretch. 

5. Blazers

You can make different blazers with bullet fabrics, from formal for the office to casual blazers to pair up with your denim fabric. Such blazers are easy to maintain, unlike wool or cotton blazers that crumple easily. So, you can wear a bullet fabric blazer all day as it is very comfortable and will hold its shape throughout the day.

Benefits Of Bullet Fabric 

Bullet Fabric

Bullet fabric has some unique qualities that make it suitable for various settings. Some of its benefits include the following:

1. Breathable

Small holes in this fabric allow air to enter and exit easily. Therefore, bullet fabric has good air circulation, making it suitable for use in tropical climates or in summer. Furthermore, suffocation won’t be a problem if you use this cloth to create blankets. 

2. Easy to Wash

Bullet fabric is easy to wash because it is light. Also, polyester and spandex are non-absorbent materials, so tough stains don’t stay too long in the fabric’s fibers.

3. Quick-dry

This fabric is waterproof to an extent; however, it will absorb water if submerged. Fortunately, its lightness and tiny holes mean it is quick to dry. If you wash this fabric in winter, it dries out very quickly; some schools use bullet fabric for their uniforms for this reason.

4. Comfortable

Bullet fabric provides that extra stretch to keep your clothing comfortable and looking great as you move around all day. It’s also excellent for children’s clothing. Kids are constantly running, jumping, moving, and playing—the material shifts with their body movement, allowing them to play well and feel comfy.  

5. Wrinkle-Resistant

Bullet fabric doesn’t wrinkle, which helps it maintain its brilliance. This fabric is the best for sportswear because of its elasticity. No matter how much you strain or bend the cloth, it always snaps back into place.

4 Tips On How To Care For Your Bullet Fabric 

Though bullet fabric is easy to maintain, wrong laundry practices can affect its durability and damage it in the long term. To avoid that, here are four tips on how to care for your bullet fabric: 

1. Use Mild Detergent

Although bullet fabric is durable, using the incorrect detergent can significantly reduce its strength. Strong chemical detergents can destroy knits and are bad for human health. Use mild detergents to ensure that knits endure longer and maintain their smoothness.

2. Avoid Wringing or Twisting the Fabric

It is typical to twist or wring the clothing to hasten the drying process. Unfortunately, twisting or wringing your garments made of bullet knit might deform their shape and perhaps rip the stitches. 

To prevent deforming your fabric, wrap it in a fresh towel to absorb most of the water, then let it air dry. If you don’t have that much time, you can tumble dry the clothing or fabric in a machine drier.

3. Consider Hand Washing the Fabric

While using a washing machine to wash clothes is cleaner and faster, it also increases the risk of harm. The greatest way to extend the life of your clothing is to hand wash it. You can wash the clothes with your hands in a clean sink filled with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Ensure to focus more on the stains.

4. Use Fabric Softeners and Conditioners

Fabrics gradually lose their original roughness and smoothness with repeated washing and use. Thankfully, you can use fabric conditioners and softeners to maintain and enhance the texture of the cloth. Fabric conditioner-treated bullet knit clothing dries more quickly and is also simpler to iron.

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