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Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Ada, a lover of fabrics. Actually, I’m obsessed with fabrics!

We all know that saying, “the way you dress is how you’ll be addressed.” I completely agree, but I will take it further and say, “…and your cloth fabric makes the respect thick”. Does that rhyme? Probably not, but hey, you get the point!

I’ve always loved fashion. I played many dress-up games with my dolls when I was a kid, and my love for fashion grew. My mum’s fashion designing business made fabrics and sewing a huge part of my life growing up.

However, I realized something.

While sewing was fun, it wasn’t really my thing. I was more interested in knowing how each fabric complimented the other. This led me to do more fabric research, and while I didn’t completely leave drop sewing, I focused more on making fashion choices based on fabric textures, prints, and patterns.

Here’s a picture of the wedding gowns I made years ago with various fabrics; satin, organza, and lace. You can see more on my very first blog NahWahcouture. I created NahWah back when I wanted to be the next Pnina Tornai 🙂 My dreams have changed, but my passion for fabrics hasn’t!

wedding gown fabrics

I realized there might be people interested in fabrics just like me, so I created this blog. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. As long as it’s fabric-related, you’ll find it here.

Satin and Silk Chiffon Mermaid Gown
Satin and Silk Chiffon Mermaid Gown by Me (Modelled by my Cousin)

My favorite fabric remains the African Ankara fabric. It’s so rich in patterns and culture!

Ankara fabric
Style by @ _sarah_ele

I’ve spent over 8 years researching and working with various fabrics. I know how each one feels and the best ways to use them to elevate your looks from 0 to 100 real quick.

Welcome to the Green Nettle Textiles community. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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