How to Shrink a Hoodie for the Perfect Fit – 6 Methods

Many people love the feeling hoodies give, from the quality, comfort, and ease of their numerous pockets, oversized body, and hoods. 

There are several types of hoodies, from the pullover types, the ones with zippers, to the ones made with different materials ranging from a polyester blend to 100% cotton.

Sometimes, hoodies might be too baggy, and if your hoodie is too big for you, there are simple ways that you can shrink it.

Note: You must know the material of your hoodie before finding the proper shrinking process.

How To Go About Shrinking A Hoodie

White and Brown Hoodies

It is interesting to know that the methods used to shrink most garments are the same ones with hoodies, although there are a few changes that should not be ignored.

Here’s how you can shrink your hoodie to fit your size. 

1. The Washer Method

Using washing machines is one of the easiest ways to shrink your hoodie. You don’t need to wash your hoodie as often as you wash your shirts.

Hoodies are outerwear and do not get as sweaty or smelly as shorts or other pieces of clothing if continuously worn without washing.

  • First, put your hoodie in the washing machine alone. You don’t want your other clothing to shrink or bleed dye when exposed to hot water while your hoodie is in there.
  • Then, set your washing machine to the hot setting, and click on the Delicate or Permanent press cycle.
  • Add a little detergent and run the complete wash and rinse process.
  • Remove it, and allow it to air dry by hanging it on a sweater drying rack, if available. Drying it on a hanger may cause its shoulders to slack.
  • Try the hoodie on when dry to see if it feels tighter than before. If it doesn’t, combine the washer method with the dryer method.

2. Using A Dryer

The first time you put your wet hoodie into the dryer, it will certainly shrink, but on the second trial, the shrinkage might be minimal.

You can try this out; 

  • Put your hoodie in the washer and remove it when damp and needs to be dried.
  • Afterwards, put the damp hoodie in the dryer.
  • Then, set the dryer to the Full tumble dry setting.
  • If you want the hoodie to shrink at least 20%, leave it to run for the complete cycle. But, if you want it to shrink a little, don’t complete the filling cycle.
  • Take it out after and dry it by draping it over your shower curtain rod.

3. Shrink It Using Boiling Water

Using the boiling water method is another suitable method you can try if you want to achieve maximum shrinkage for your hoodie. 

You can try it like this;

  • Boil water in a bowl and immerse the hoodie. 
  • Allow it to soak for five minutes for moderate shrinking. Let it sit for ten minutes if you want to shrink it to the extreme.
  • Remove the hoodie from the boiling water and place it in an empty basin to cool off.
  • When cool, use your hands to press out the water. Be careful not to wring it to avoid stretching or fading its printed design, if any.
  • Spread the hoodie on a large bath towel, and roll it up with the towel still inside. Then press the rolled-up towel to remove most of the water.
  • Place the damp hoodie in the dryer on the highest heat setting to shrink it further.
  • You can air-dry it if you don’t want to shrink it any further.

4. Use A Hairdryer

Hair Dryers give off a good amount of heat and are best for shrinking certain areas of your hoodie since shrinking the full hoodie is more hands-on and time-wasting.

  • First, dampen the areas of the hoodie that you want to shrink with hot water from a spray bottle.
  • Then, lay it out on a clean, flat surface.
  • Afterwards, plug in your hairdryer to the nearest outlet.
  • Set your hairdryer to the hottest and highest setting, and run it around areas of your hoodie.
  • Do this until your hoodie feels hot and dry.
  • Flip it and repeat the process.

5. Use An Iron To Shrink It

Ironing is another simple method for specific areas of your hoodie that you wish to shrink. The procedure is suitable for shrinking a small portion of your hoodie, like the waistband, hood, etc. 

  • Test the heat of the iron on the hoodie’s waistband or spread a pressing cloth over the hoodie to prevent any unwanted damage.
  • If available, fill a spray bottle with water to dampen the hoodie or use your iron’s squirting function. Moisture and heat will give off the best results.
  • Run the iron back and forth over the damp areas of the hoodie that you wish to shrink.
  • Flip to the other side and repeat.
  • Try out the hoodie to see if there are any changes. Repeat the process if you’re not satisfied with the results.

6. Tailor The Hoodie

This is not necessarily a shrinking method, but it may come in handy if your hoodie is just too oversized for you.

While the usual shrinking methods will reduce the hoodie by up to two sizes, the tailoring method can reduce it by five sizes. Although it might cost almost as much as buying a new hoodie.

How To Shrink A Hoodie With Print

Hoodie With Print

Some hoodies come with designs in the form of prints, embroidery, etc. These prints may burn off or melt when exposed to the shrinking methods outlined above. 

You can safely shrink your hoodie without worrying about damaging the print. 

Here’s how to go about it; 

  • You can start by turning the hoodie inside out and soaking it in cold water to prevent the print on it from fading or peeling off. Though, quality graphics print shouldn’t easily peel or fade off.
  • You can also place it in a delicate laundry bag and tie a knot at the end to prevent the print from rubbing against the hot dryer machine drum, or simply put the hoodie inside the dryer.
  • Then, set the dryer to a High heat setting and leave it to dry for 20 minutes.
  • You may repeat the process if you’re not satisfied with the results.

You can also put the hoodie in the washer to shrink it if it has a print.

  • Flip the hoodie inside out, put it in the washer, and set it in the hot water setting.
  • Run an extended cycle setting with hot water for the rinse cycle.
  • Remove the hoodie from the washer and place it between two clean bath towels.
  • Roll the towels with the hoodie still inside. Do not wring it to avoid cracking the print on the hoodie.
  • Lay the hoodie to air dry in a well-ventilated area.

Alternatively, you can use an iron to shrink any of your hoodies with a print. But avoid directly ironing the graphic surface.

Place a pressing cloth on the hoodie and iron the back side of the graphics. However, the results will be minimal.

Can I Shrink A Hoodie Without Washing It?

You can easily shrink your hoodie without hand washing or machine washing it by using a dryer at home.

  • Flip the hoodie and wet the hoodie in areas that you want to shrink, like the sleeves or neckline or the whole hoodie.
  • Put the hoodie in the dryer and set it to the highest temperature. Allow it to run for 15-20 minutes or until the hoodie feels dry.
  • Avoid leaving the hoodie in the dryer for too long to prevent the printed graphic from melting or peeling off.
  • Allow it to cool, test the fit and repeat the process if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

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