Quilt vs Comforter: Which is Most Comfortable?

Walking down the bedding aisle, you’ll see several products, including comforters and quilts. Sometimes it can be hard to choose between the two, so let me guide you through a summarized quilt and comforter comparison.

What is a Quilt?


A quilt is a classic bed covering made up of three or more layers of thick fabric and covers the entire bed. However, quilts aren’t limited to bed covering; you can use them as a gift, wall hanging, or table runner.

What is a Comforter?


A comforter is a thick and fluffy blanket used as a bed covering placed on sheets or additional thin blankets. Comforters usually have synthetic fiber or cotton fillings stitched in some pattern to secure the material. You’re meant to use comforters as the final piece on your bed decoration, not placed under any coverings or accessories.

Some people confuse duvets for comforters and often use them interchangeably. However, they are not the same; a duvet is a cover that one puts over a comforter.

Quilt vs Comforter: How Are They Produced?

Comforter and Quilt
L-Comforter; R-Quilt

Quilt and comforter are two cotton-based bedding products with gridded designs. However, both products have their unique production methods.

A quilt comprises three layers; top, batting, and bottom. The top layer makes the quilt stand out. With a classic quilt, the top layer includes different pieces of fabric sewn together in a grid or a more complex design. The inside batting is made of materials like wool, down, or polyester making a quilting fill, while the bottom layer is usually a single piece of fabric.

A comforter is a large pouch of soft fabric to adorn your bed, typically filled with fibers like wool, silk, cotton, or polyester. It comprises two similar pieces of cloth sewed together in a grid pattern. The structure of comforters might be sewn-through or baffle boxes.

Manufacturers make comforters from a down or a down alternative. The down comes from animals such as ducks or geese, and the down alternative is from polyester

Why Pick A Quilt?

Below are some reasons why a quilt might be the right choice for you:

  1. People who sleep hot and want something light to provide just a touch of insulation would most likely prefer a quilt. Comforters make sleepers overheat so much.
  2. Quilts can be stylish and add a different look to any bed or bedroom. A quilt can provide a new rustic look or something more colorful to liven up the room. 
  3. A quilt is more of a decorative piece than a basic bedding necessity. Quilts can also consist of different fabrics pieced together to create a pattern.
  4. Quilts are relatively thin and light, making storage and washing easier. Unlike bulky comforters, quilts fit easily inside most washing machines. Their compact design makes it easy to transport and style them anywhere, from the bedroom to the couch.

Why Pick A Comforter?

Away from quilts, here are some reasons why you should consider getting a comforter:

  1. A comforter is the perfect bedding for colder nights. They are typically stuffed with down or down alternatives. Since down and its alternatives are excellent heat trappers, comforters are great for a fluffier, warmer sleep experience.
    The amount of insulating fill should keep most sleepers warm through the winter.
  2. If sleeping underneath a big cloud sounds preferable, a comforter is the way to go. 
  3. A comforter does not need to pair with any other bedding. People who want a simple, non-layered look on their beds should consider a comforter.
  4. Comforters, with their lofty appearance, fit well in contemporary spaces and can be a way to add texture to any bed. 

Quilt vs Comforter Cost

Quality and materials play a significant role in determining the cost of quilts and comforters. Better fabric, design, and fill all contribute to higher bedding costs. However, quilts are generally cheaper than comforters because they use less filling.

Comforters are also more expensive because manufacturers make them with more costly materials like down. On the other hand, decorative elements like trim or elaborate patterns can add to a quilt’s cost, while most comforters have a plain appearance. 

Naturally, handcrafted quilts will come with a price tag to match the level of labor and artistry required to make them. Down-filled comforters cost more than down-alternative comforters or those made with batting. The quality and quantity of down feathers used will affect their price. 

Some down comforters also include baffling, which adds to their warmth and cost. Baffling are fabric pieces that separate the top and bottom cover sections to prevent air pockets.

Quilt vs Comforter Maintenance Tip

Let me share some maintenance tips for your quilts and comforters:

  1. Handcrafted or ornate quilts may be delicate and require extra care as hand-washing or dry cleaning
  2. Bulk can be a factor in machine-washable quilts and comforters. Many quilts will fit into your home washing machine. However, comforters require high-capacity washers or using commercial machines at a laundromat.

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