Double Gauze Fabric vs Single Gauze: What’s the Difference?

Many people enjoy using double gauze fabric because of its many outstanding qualities. Double gauze has a beautiful texture and feels good on the skin, and it is breathable too, which makes it ideal for those hot summer months.

Fashion designers are not the only ones who have a use for this fabric. Interior decorators find that double gauze has incredible drapability, so they put this attribute to good use.

What exactly is double gauze fabric, how can you use them, and what is the best way to take care of them? This article provides these answers.

Double Gauze Fabric Explained

Double Gauze Fabric

Double Gauze Fabric is a lightweight fabric with a soft and breathable texture. The fabric is called Double Gauze because textile manufacturers stitch two thin layers of fabric at intervals to produce it. 

Usually, they use either cotton or linen or a combination of both. Cotton double gauze is the most popular type of double gauze fabric in the textile industry. Due to the stitch, double gauze has multiple tiny pores all over it, giving it good breathability. 

Some double gauze fabrics are very drapable and flow elegantly, making them suitable for decorative pieces. They also feel soft and smooth to the skin, and the fabric has a slight wrinkle and is very absorbent. Double gauzes also come with a slightly sheer look and tend to fray quickly.

How Double Gauze Fabric is Made

Double gauze is constructed from two layers of fabric. The textile workers use clever stitching methods to fuse both fabrics to form a seam. The stitches are usually tiny, and both fabrics have a more open weave than typical gauze fabrics.

Usually, plain woven cotton fabric is used when making double gauze. The front layer of the gauze is usually fine and smooth, while the back layer is slightly heavier with a more open weave.

Difference Between Gauze and Double Gauze Fabric?

The main difference between gauze (aka single gauze) and double gauze fabric is that double gauze fabric is a thicker and more stable material, while regular gauze is a very lightweight and sheer fabric.

Double gauze fabric is created by bonding two layers of gauze together, usually with small, barely visible stitches. The two layers of gauze create a slightly thicker, more stable material that is still lightweight and breathable

Double Gauze vs Muslin

Many times double gauze is often mistaken for muslin fabric. This mistake is understandable, considering that they both have a similar soft, smooth texture. Another reason for this confusion is that naming systems differ across countries. Some countries refer to double gauze as muslin, which doesn’t help either.

However, they are different. While muslin and double gauze can come from cotton, muslin has only one layer of fabric, whereas double gauze has two. Additionally, muslin is less versatile than double gauze fabric. 

The muslin weave is more open than the double gauze, so while it has more breathability than double gauze, it is slightly less practical for clothing as it’s completely see-through. Double gauze, on the other hand, has multiple pores, making it breathable and valuable for clothing.

Types of Double Gauze

Not all double gauze is the same, and some of these fabrics differ based on the type of fabric used to make them and the texture of the finished products. Here are some types of double gauze:

Organic Cotton Double Gauze

Cotton double gauze is made from 100% cotton, as the name implies. The cotton is plainly woven, with the weaves more open than regular cotton gauze. After which, textile workers stitch both layers of fabrics together.

The fabric is lightweight and has a smooth texture. Its back layer is a plain white gauze but can sometimes have different types of prints on them to give it a fun look.

Open Weave Linen/Cotton Double Gauze

This type of double gauze fabric is a mixture of linen and cotton. The usual mix ratio is 55% linen and 45% cotton. Linen/Cotton double gauze has a beautiful texture and a slight drape. Both layers usually have slightly different colorations though they may be the same color, and they also have a slight sheen.

Crinkle Double Gauze

Crinkle Double gauze can be made from either linen or cotton, but some manufacturers make them from both, with cotton making up 85% of the double gauze. The fabric is incredibly soft, breathable, and has a crinkle texture. It is mostly opaque, and sewers have found that they would need to line them before usage.

Uses And Applications of Double Gauze

Double Gauze Use

Double gauze is a very versatile fabric and has the following uses:


Double Gauze Fabric makes incredibly comfortable summer clothes. Their highly breathable nature and soft texture make them highly sought after by designers. They make beautiful blouses, shirts, jumpsuits, baby clothes, etc. 

Patchwork and Quilting

Some quilters use double gauze fabric to make incredible quilts and patchwork products like blankets. Many double gauzes are made from pure cotton, so they already have a cozy, semi-insulating feel. They can also make perfect quilts.


In addition to clothing, textile manufacturers use double gauze to make accessories to go with the clothes. Wonderfully printed double gauze can make good scarves, bags, nettings, etc.

Caring For Your Double Gauze Fabric

Double Gauze Fabric is a delicate material that can spoil quickly if not treated correctly. Here are a few tips on taking care of double gauze fabric:

  • Check the manufacturer’s care label to know how to care for the fabric properly.
  • You can wash double gauze by hand or with a washing machine. Use a mild detergent and a front loading machine if possible. A front-loading machine will reduce strain on the fabric.
  • It is preferable to use cold water as this will reduce the extent of shrinking.
  • When drying the fabric, you need to follow two steps for the best results:

Put the fabric in a dryer and tumble dry at low heat.

  • When the fabric has gone through the dryer, place it on a flat surface for ten to fifteen minutes to reduce the fabric’s wrinkling.
  • Wash the fabric often to make it softer. Ensure to avoid harsh chemicals that could cause it to shrink.
  • Always double iron gauze in a cotton setting. 


Double gauze fabric is a soft, lightweight fabric made by cleverly stitching two layers together. The fabrics may be cotton or linen, although cotton is the more popular choice. The fabric has many uses. Many people love wearing double gauze in summer, as it’s breathable and soft to the skin. They also use it to make accessories and quilts.

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